History and Organization
The property is not fully paid for. However, to meet the growing needs of the Muslim community, expansion of the Center is under active consideration.
ALBUKHARI ISLAMIC CENTER OF ORLANDO was established in 2017 to meet the needs of the growing Muslim community in the Greater ORLANDO area. The Muslims in our community include citizens, immigrants, and converts. Present membership at the Albukhari Islamic Center exceeds 100 families. The center is located on two acres of prime land within 10 minutes of Orlando international Airport. It has over 7,000-sq. ft. of floor space that includes main prayer, multipurpose halls, offices, classrooms and a kitchen. There is a separate building used for boarding students.

Al-Bukhari Islamic Center has a full time Imam, Islamic studies and Quran Teachers and tutors.
Islamic education, guidance and providing religious services to area Muslims are our primary concern.

Prayers: Daily, Juma (Friday) and Ramadan Tarawih in congregation. Ramadan program includes community Iftars (fast breaking) and Eid prayers.

Board of directors aim to;

  • Establish and maintain Mosques to serve the Muslim community.
  • Establish and maintain Islamic School, Quranic studies and an Islamic Library.
  • Provide religious guidance for area Muslims. Make known the ideology of Islam, its teachings, culture and philosophy.
  • Strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in this community.
  • Promote friendly relations between Muslims in this community.
  • Provide needed guidance and assistance to Muslims coming to the community.
  • Spread and promote the teachings and understanding of Islam via religious festivities, lectures, symposia and seminars.